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Newbie Post
« on: December 08, 2017, 02:33:21 14:33 »
Hi all. Newbie here.
Finally managed to get online after finding the registration email in my junk folder, D'oh  :-\
Interesting to read about all you successes and failure on here, loads of useful stuff I am sure once I get going on my system.

My interest was pricked by Aquaponics quite randomly having found a reference to it somewhere or another, I cant remember where now. My particular interest is to make the control system from a Raspberry Pi to control my Aquaponics system but obviously I need to set up a system first!

Plan is to initially use my existing free standing patio goldfish 'tank' (600+litres) to supply a grow bed and see what happens whilst I build the greenhouse and put together a system in spring 2018 and hopefully produce first Aquaponics crop in 2019. This will give me time to set it all up, cycle, and see whether its viable to maintain water temps for Tilapia or not. I work in energy and heat transfer so this will be second nature to me.

Tilapia seems to be resilient in terms of water temp and quality from what I read, as opposed to Trout which are a little more fussy. Benefits of Trout are availability and heating costs its seems, only problem I see is the irony of potentially needing to keep the water down in the height of summer. But there are methods to do this.

Anyway, looking forward to some useful exchanges on here and hearing about all your successes.


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Re: Newbie Post
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2018, 03:08:01 15:08 »
Hi Paulgrist, welcome to the site, I have kept trout for the last three years in my system, my fish tanks are out side of the green house and I have never had any issues with tempeture. The two biggest trout I have managed to grow were in the system for two years, one was 6lb 2oz and the other 5lb 12oz. I am afraid none of the other fish have been around long enough to beat these weights. Trout are a super fish to try, they are easy to find and grow relitivly quickly. hat ever you decide all the best and please keepus updated with your system.


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Re: Newbie Post
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2018, 01:26:10 13:26 »
Thanks for the info Craig. 6lb is a good size, hopefully the reason the others didn't make this size was because you ate them.
Do you monitor the water temperature? Interested to hear what the peak was in the summer, also is your tank shaded or insulated and what volume is it?
I want to put the tank in the greenhouse because of space and the stability it will offer to air temperatures in there during winter but appreciate that this may not be the best idea unless it is predominantly sub surface which may be more trouble than its worth. I've had a wooden constructed goldfish 'tank' freestanding on the patio for 3yeras, its insulated with circa 650lts and in winter it mostly ices over during colder periods but for the fountain area where moving water prevents freezing. In the summer the fish have never gasped for air at the surface so it must not be too warm as this releases dissolved oxygen and the fish suffer to breath. I plan to use water this to feed a small test growbed this year whilst I build the main system (the wife WILL be pleased).
Anyway all good food for thought which after all is my reason for being here.