Author Topic: APONIC vertical system first impression.  (Read 1178 times)


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APONIC vertical system first impression.
« on: August 31, 2015, 10:02:24 10:02 »
I have seen on the market a sort of tower to grow vertical. My impression is not trust the sale pitch and the 3d sketch. For what I've seen they would not withstand as a real commercial equipment (that's what THEY ARE MARKETED FOR)
I asked the company to direct me to some link to where they are been used successfully and all I been pointed out was a community garden (yet they claim  they sold thousands....B******T!)
My impression is that the designer has no experience in the horticultural sector
A preliminary inspection of the unit has revealed some glitch to the construction and assembly, IMO poor for the asking price of £40 x metre.

Jus be careful when buying new equipment, ask for proof of performance and ask to see a live examples before you buy in to anything.
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